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"This is the best fitness/nutrition/wellness program I have seen. I was not perfect today, I did my workout at 10pm and I didn’t ace my meals, but I don’t feel discouraged. I can see how using the plan to learn how to make changes that I can do for my life is going to be possible now. I was able to do my workout when I could finally get to it and I felt like everyone was still with me. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I truly think you are saving my life!!"

-- CARRIE B --

"Having taken many of Jenny's classes in the past, I have always loved her positive, up beat teaching. Due to my job, I wasn't able to take classes anymore. I am so glad I can have the same at home experience as I would at the gym! I love the set up of the Coach Jen Fit Tribe program and the flexibility it gives you. The workouts are challenging and only 30 minutes! I absolutely love it!!"

-- BRANDI S --

"I love working out with Coach Jen!! She never makes you feel bad about yourself, she's always lifting me up and encouraging me to better myself!! She makes working out fun and modifies if you have any issues with knee/shoulder/back/etc..."

-- KELLY P --

“ I love the knowledge Jenny brings to strength training. I’m a newbie with free weights and it’s been such a helpful process to have videos I can stop and restart so I can really look at form and what specific movement. The excitement and fun Jenny brings to the workouts is so genuine!

I am loving the food plan and the flexibility it offers. Nutrition is such an important part of the wellness lifestyle for me.”

-- TAMI K --

"Coach Jen has guided me on my fitness journey for many years, across a variety of platforms. She is passionate about helping people reach and maintain their goals. She loves what does and it shows!"

-- JOEY H --

"I started working with Coach Jen as a personal training client about 18 months ago. At the time I had lost all strength and put on several pounds following a couple of major surgeries. Needless to say I was very uncomfortable with going to the gym and was extremely weak. Coach Jen immediately put me at ease, and always showed me how to modify exercises as necessary. I transitioned to one of her classes and I have to say I am so proud of my gains I have made in my overall health and strength. None of this would have been possible without Coach Jen's knowledge, positive attitude and genuine concern for me as a person...not just a client. I HIGHLY recommend Coach Jen for anyone looking to improve their strength, appearance, and overall health."

-- STACEY B --

“This program is exactly what I needed! Jenny’s personal touch on the workouts and through communication on trainerize makes all the difference. She truly cares about her clients and their success. She will be your biggest cheerleader and the first one to check in if you start skipping workouts! She is there to help and she keeps me accountable. My favorite part about this program is that the workouts are only 30 minutes and they can be done anywhere at anytime of the day. It leaves me with absolutely no excuses!“ 

-- MARY W --

"Life is not about how you start but about how you finish. Finish each day stronger together. Jenny’s programs have made me stronger, I have lost weight and I am able to do the workouts anytime I want during the day. I love the consistency of this program. The daily workouts are great and your modifications to the exercises are excellent. I do appreciate you Jenny."

-- VICKI B --

"You’re going to love these workouts and my favorite part is that I can do them when it works in my schedule! Jenny designs workouts that are challenging but fun! Being a part of this fitness tribe with other women who are also striving toward the goal of a healthier lifestyle provides the accountability and motivation to keep me focused on the next step in my fitness journey. 
Jenny is genuinely interested in seeing each of her clients succeed! She dedicates herself to her clients to ensure that they have the tools to make lifelong changes in their lives. Not to mention her friendly and outgoing personality will have you pushing yourself harder than you ever thought was possible"

-- CALLIE W. --

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