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Billing Information:

  • Non-recurring memberships will be billed on the date booked.


Cancellation Information:

  • Non-recurring memberships cannot be cancelled nor will any refunds be issued once purchased.


Billing Information:

>Reoccurring members will be renewed and charged automatically on the day the program starts for the next month, which is every 4 weeks. The user will receive an email with the invoice generated on the day of the transaction for their records.


>If recurring membership was purchased on March 30th, the membership will renew every 4 weeks until cancelled.
>Reminder will be sent by Coach Jen prior to the automatic renewal in the tribe community or direct message if one on one personal training and/or nutrition coach option.

*Once a recurring membership is billed, it cannot be cancelled nor will any refunds be issued once billed.

Cancellation Information:

  • Membership must be cancelled within the jenNtraining software prior to automatic renewal (which is every 4 weeks) under payment tab.

    • Member must also notify Jenny Gabriel(Coach Jen), either direct message in jenNtraining software messaging or email, no later than Five (5) Business days prior to the membership renewing.



  • If Member is to cancel membership, they must cancel prior to the renewal date example if renew on April 30th the member prior to April 30th needs to go into jenNtraining software and cancel prior to the April 30th date within the payment tab.

  • If Member's membership will renew on April 30th, Member must notify Jenny Gabriel (Coach Jen) no later than midnight on August 25th.

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